about me

A professional bookseller, self-taught and curious about nature, I learn from books and the eyes of others. Since I was a child, I have enjoyed observing all that’s around me, especially the natural world. I had my first camera as a teenager and since then have enjoyed keeping a photographic record of whatever moves me. As an amateur photographer, I take inspiration from the outside world and the abundance of my garden. I record the wonders of everyday life from my point of view. My photographic journey is an observation of nature and an artistic pursuit, allowing me to learn and understand about the natural world and to open the doors of my imagination. I try to capture everything that contributes to the natural development of the subject while, at the same time, preserving the environment. This probably explains why I’m not a fan of special effects and other digitally enhanced methods. This is an aesthetic choice that guides my photographic pursuits and enriches my observation of the beauty of the world.

equipment in my backpack

Body Canon 7D and 5D Mark III
Lens Canon série L
Flash Canon Speedlite 430EX II
Extender Canon EF 1.4x III
Filter neutral density and polarise Canon and Lee
Camera Canon Legria HV40
Tripod and head Manfrotto


The animals and plants are photographed in natural light with the respect and the distance necessary for their life cycle, their tranquillity and their freedom. There is no staging and there are no special effects.

Special thanks to Nicki Chadwick